Saturday, May 24, 2014

Learn Landscape Photography Series: Post-processing

Editing is almost as important to landscape photography as capturing the image on the camera in the first place. The reason is that so much of how the final photograph feels and looks can be decided with your edits. Whether it's simple contrast and color correction or a full blown blending of three exposures this is where we decide how we want the scene to be interpreted by a viewer.

Once all of the files have been loaded onto the computer the post-processing
workflow can begin. My preference is to load and catalog through Lightroom first. Here I'll adjust for lens correction, white balance, fine tune exposure, and adjust the vibrance and clarity.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Learn Landscape Photography Series: Composition

The rule of thirds is the starting point for almost all compositions. As a landscape photographer it will become second nature very quickly. The rule is basically this, line up the horizon on either the bottom thirds or the top thirds and any prominent subject on the right or left thirds of the scene.

While using the grid lines on the LCD of the camera don't worry too much if they are dead on, if it will cause the loss of an important part of the image. In the photo above I included the top curve of the clouds at the expense of the horizon being at the exact top thirds.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Learn Landscape Photography Series: How?

So you've been out taking photos of everything. Beautiful rivers, parks and nature, but the photos aren't doing any justice to the scenes that unfolded before you. We have all this gear, we know where to go, and we know the best time to shoot. Now we just need to combine it all with some technique, creativity and a lot of persistence in order to capture it all on camera.

ISO 100 16mm f/16 for .7 seconds

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Learn Landscape Photography Series:Where?

Want breathtaking photos? Well the simple answer to making beautiful images is to photograph beautiful places. It may sound stupid, but trying to make an awe inspiring photo in your backyard is going to take either an amazing backyard or a lot of luck, creativity, and Photoshop skills.