Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Persistence Is Essential To Nature Photography

Along the lines of my last post this is another story of getting the most out of your photography trip. 

Nature photography by Nick Oman Photography.

On this trip to the Uinta National Forest I had plans for a sunset over the forest with a few lakes in the foreground. After a few hour drive I made it to the Bald Mountain Pass Lookout only to see thunderclouds fast approaching. Well this could work out alright I thought. A cool thunderstorm with some lightning could really be amazing from this vantage point.

Unfortunately the thunderclouds soon became a full on stormfront and holding a metal pole aka a tripod with lightning striking all around isn't the best idea. A wall of grey soon descended upon the forest beneath where I was standing and within a few more minutes I was surrounded by the deluge. Luckily I could see what was coming and had managed to run most of the way to my truck just as the heavens let loose.

So I had been out photographing for all of about ten minutes and had not much to show for my two hour drive(except being a little wet). The options were basically two: I could drive all the way home with no photos or I could scout out some other locations with the hope of the storm letting up. Ya definitely option two. I threw on my gore-tex rain gear, I love me some GORE-TEX, and set out to explore. I hiked to a few lakes for future landscapes and then drove to the Provo River Falls. This was just enough time for the rain to let up. I happily fired off a few compositions and left knowing I had given it my all.  I really enjoy this photo and it would have never been made if I had called it quits.

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