Saturday, April 5, 2014

Need A Creative Boost?

I know that from time to time I need some inspiration for my photography. Usually this is either after a recent trip somewhere that has endless amounts of photographic possibilities(Bryce Canyon Composition) or the other time is when I hit a roadblock in processing a photo. I know how I want the image to look, but I can't quite get it there. Arghh! This used to happen to me more frequently than it does now and the solution came in a very roundabout way.

You may have noticed that I love black and white photography as much as I love color. In fact I strongly considered only using black and white as my only images for sale. So what does this have to do with overcoming creative roadblocks you ask? When I started going back over some of the images I had processed in color and converted them to black and white I found myself stuck. Not sure what to do. In order to move forward I knew I needed to learn some new processing techniques.

With monochrome, the image comes down to two keys for me. First is content. If the subject is impressive it can stand on it's own in color or in B&W. Second is contrast and by contrast I mean how many levels of gray between the black and the whites there is in a photo. Also known as tonal range or tonal contrast, this is what gives the scene a sense of depth and can make it really pop. By trial and error and reading as much as I could. I found how to control the different levels of contrast in my B&W images and it has carried into my color images too.

Nature photography by Nick Oman Photography.
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