Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wide Angle Lens Shoot-out: Canon 16-35mm vs Tokina 16-28mm vs Nikon 14-24mm

After several painstaking minutes hours of Google searches and no direct comparison of the big three lenses(Canon 16-35mm II, Tokina 16-28mm, and Nikon 14-24mm), I convinced my wife I needed to do the showdown myself. So $4400 later I now own all three... Ha! Actually the plan was to rent each lens for a week at a time from BorrowLenses and see which one is the best...

First, my totally scientific and completely thorough sharpness test in the awe inspiring location of my front yard. There is actually some science that comes in from the fact that I am to lazy to set up a true sharpness test and my front yard allows me to shoot from the exact same place, with the exact same settings, and focused on the same spot each week for each lens(well pretty close anyway). I shot all the lenses set at f2.8 and then all at approximately f11 for these photos. I said approximately f11 because the adapter ring for the Nikon didn't have f-stops marked and I had to use my camera's light meter to give me the appropriate stops down. I shot everything at 16mm to keep it as close as possible. The Nikon still looks a little bit wider.