Monday, June 3, 2013

Silver Night Fright

Silver Lake near Brighton Ski Resort is a small mountain lake teaming with fish and surrounded by beautiful tall pine trees. On this crisp clear night the stars were stunning and could be easily seen across the entire sky. The Milky Way was faint, but still visible despite the light pollution coming from Salt Lake City to the East. Pollution's kind of a harsh word to describe it, especially when the bright red light looks so amazing. The lake itself was like glass, in fact the only ripple in the water was from an occasional fish jumping for an insect. It was perfect.

Except for one thing, my overactive imagination. It doesn't seem to matter how many times I am out in the dark or how well I know a place. My mind starts to wonder what lies in the deep dark reaches that I can't quite see. It's this childlike fear of the dark that keeps me flashing my headlamp behind me when I'm waiting for that  twenty second exposure or I get chills down my neck that make me speed up my pace when hiking down the trail. Then the scariest part of all is the silence. The kind of quite that you know the things that go thump in the night are standing right behind you. Gulp!

Of course it's also what makes it so profound to be outside. When most people are in sleeping, I'm out in nature lucky enough to witness a scene as magical as this one. To top it off I get to capture an image that gives me a such a deep sense of satisfaction that all is right in the world. It makes it so I can't wait to go out and get scared all over again. Ya it was a perfect night.

Plus, even if it's all in your head, there's the fun of jumping in the car and locking the doors as fast as you can just to get the heart pumping. Spooky.

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