Monday, May 20, 2013

A Rainbow Of Black And White

As a small rainstorm was blowing across Mount Timpanogos the sun was beginning to set. The clouds started to reflect the bright orange light and a small and muted rainbow appeared. The colors were very faint and soon only appeared as one beam of bright orange. The sun continued to set and soon the tops of the sagebrush and grasses took on the same orange tint. I knew right then that a color image wouldn't capture all of the varying levels of contrast and beauty that this scene held in front of me.

After loading the images, this composition stood out from the rest and a quick conversion to black and white let me know my initial thought was right. The contrasts from dark to light created a better sense of depth and added a much more dramatic image overall. Also that muted rainbow now became a highlight rather than disappearing into the background of orange. I never thought a rainbow in black and white would ever work, but I think this one does.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Posting Posts

All along the south beaches of the Great Salt Lake you can find posts similar to these ones. They are the only remnants of The Great Saltair Resort built in 1893. The resort had good success until a fire burned it to the ground in 1925. After rebuilding the following year the resort could never regain it's former glory and was abandoned in the late 50's. A final attempt to save it in the 1960's failed and in 1970 the Saltair Resort was destroyed again by fire. The history just makes the interest with these posts even greater, as they provide the perfect foreground to the Great Salt Lake sunset.