Monday, April 22, 2013

Slow Down And Look

It's amazing at the things we miss on a daily basis because we are in a hurry or are too busy or we just aren't paying close enough attention. This waterfall is just a few hundred feet from a canyon road that I have been on what feels like a thousand times. Growing up ten minutes away from the mouth of this amazing canyon it is part of my home. I have used this road for it's access to fly-fishing, snowboarding, hiking, and taking pictures for almost as long as I can remember. Yet I never stopped to see or photograph this great little waterfall. In fact I didn't even know it was there until I started doing a little research on different places to photograph that were a little closer by.

As I set out to take this photo, the day was a nice overcast day that would give good detail in the shadows and no blown out highlights. The canyon is a little farther away than it was from my childhood home but not by much. When I pulled over in the small parking lot a total of about thirty five minutes had passed since I left the house. I grabbed my bag, jumped out of the Rig(This is what my wife and I call my Xterra) and  I could already hear the waterfall flowing. I crossed the road and started hiking the trail. As I looked up I could see the falls at just a few feet in and kind of sat dumbstruck at the fact I had never seen these falls before. How did I miss this all this time? I continued on casually hiking the few hundred feet to the falls and looked for a few different compositions. There were still icicles hanging along the rock walls and I think they add an extra little detail as to how cold of a spring day it was, except for these icicles I liked this angle the best because it was the falls with not much else to distract from the great view.

I am still in amazement of how if I had just stopped for a minute and looked I could have seen these wonderful little falls years and years ago. It begs the question what else could I be missing and how slowing down all the hustle and bustle could benefit myself in other ways as well. I'll just have to take a look.