Monday, April 29, 2013

Narrows Of A Different Kind

When people say the Narrows, they usually are talking about the amazing hike in Zion National Park. But with a little research or a local's inside info you can find some spectacular places outside of Zion while in Southern Utah. This photo is taken from a hike in the Red Cliffs Recreation Area just outside the city of St. George and can be just as much fun as the real thing. My wife and I hiked up to and past this little scenic waterfall. On the right there are footholds that have been carved into the sandstone from the visitors over the years that makes climbing up fairly easy and worthwhile. After going about another half mile further up you are rewarded with a very cool slot canyon that the walls can be touched at the same time by just spreading out your arms.

 The entire hike has beautiful surroundings at every bend it seems, just like almost everywhere in Southern Utah. I will be posting these photos and several others from our incredible trip for sale and on G+ this week. Stay tuned.